Possible Counterexample of the Riemann Hypothesis

EasyChair Preprint no. 7306, version history

VersionDatePagesVersion notes
1January 10, 20226
2January 11, 20227

We use log(log(log(x))) as denominator instead of the previous log(log(x))

3January 11, 20227

Used the bound 10^8 instead of 2.

4January 16, 20227

Changed the abstract.

5January 18, 20227

We changed the title and abstract of the paper.

6January 29, 20226

We changed the title and abstract. Besides, we simplified the content.

7February 3, 20226

Set the definition of big O notation

8February 6, 20226

We provided more arguments in favor of a possible counterexample. We changed the abstract and content.

Keyphrases: Chebyshev function, Nicolas inequality, prime numbers, Riemann hypothesis

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