New Criterion for the Riemann Hypothesis

EasyChair Preprint no. 11415, version history

VersionDatePagesVersion notes
1November 29, 20238
2December 1, 20237

Preprint submitted for peer-review

3December 15, 20238

Improved the manuscript

4December 17, 20237

Create a definition for Robin's inequality

5December 19, 20237

Fixed a flaw in a redundant log symbol.

6December 23, 20239

Improved much more the current version.

7December 23, 20239

Create a new proposition and added a new reference.

8December 27, 20239

We make it clear and clear again

9December 28, 20239

Introduce small changes

10January 2, 20249

Updated inequality from Hardy's Book on Inequalities

11January 3, 202411

Completing the article for peer-review.

12January 3, 202412

Now, references are in alphabetical order.

13January 5, 202411

We removed the redundant content

14January 18, 202410

We changed the abstract.

15January 19, 202410

We improved some details

Keyphrases: Chebyshev function, elementary number theory, prime numbers, Riemann hypothesis, Riemann zeta function

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