Note for the P versus NP Problem

EasyChair Preprint no. 11886, version history

VersionDatePagesVersion notes
1January 29, 20244
2February 1, 20244

We use the 1-in-3 3sat problem

3February 2, 20244

We created a Github repository with the software solution in Python

4February 3, 20244

We show that the Monotone Weighted Xor 2-satisfiability problem ($MWX2SAT$) is $NP$-complete and $P$ at the same time.

5February 6, 20244

We improved the Lemma 1

6March 10, 20244

We changed the abstract and content

7March 14, 20245

We improved the content.

8March 15, 20244

In the previous version, we create two ways to prove that MWX2SAT is in P. In this version, we remove the one that is flawed and we keep the single one that is correct.

9March 28, 20245

We improved the Lemma 1 and added the Discussion section

10April 8, 20245

We replaced in the definition of the K-CLOSURE the content "($u \in V'$ or $v \in V'$) or ($u \notin V'$ or $v \notin V'$)" by "($u \in V'$ and $v \in V'$) or ($u \notin V'$ and $v \notin V'$)"

Keyphrases: completeness, complexity classes, computational algorithm, polynomial time, reduction

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