An Exotic 4-sphere

EasyChair Preprint no. 9575, version history

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1January 15, 20239
2January 22, 20239

Notice that the set of compact smooth manifolds homeomorphic to 4-dimensional ball, considered up to oriented diffeomorphism, is in canonical bijection with the set of compact smooth manifolds homeomorphic to 4-sphere, considered up to oriented diffeomorphism.

3January 25, 202310

A PL 4-manifold is exotic if and only if there exists an exotic link.

A physical meaning of exotic spheres is added.

4August 28, 202310

New details are added, e.g. a link to cluster algebras

Keyphrases: Berkovich analytic spaces, discrete geometry, Exotic n-spheres, Exotic smooth structures, inverse limit, Pachner moves, Piecewise-linear manifolds, Poincare conjecture, Rado graph, Richter-Gebert’s Universality theorem, simplicial complexes, Subdivisions, triangulations, Valuation, Weighted simplicial complexes

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