Note on the Riemann Hypothesis

EasyChair Preprint no. 7520, version history

VersionDatePagesVersion notes
1March 5, 20227
2March 16, 20224

Fixed the theorem 1.3.

3March 17, 20224

Improved the Theorem 2.5

4March 24, 20224

We finally conclude with a complete proof of the Riemann Hypothesis

5April 3, 20228

Improved some minor details (not errors, because the previous version is correct).

6April 5, 20228

There seems to be a major problem in Theorem 2.3 since the series on the LHS is divergent. This was fixed.

7April 18, 20228

Improved some minor details: the abstract was changed.

8April 20, 20228

Fixed a wrong reference and abstract.

9April 23, 20228Improved the style and format of the content in latex.
10May 7, 20228

The Lemma 2.1 was improved.

11May 17, 20228

It was explicitly specified the set of natural numbers in the Lemma 2.1.

12May 26, 20228

Improved the Lemma 2.4.

13June 23, 20227

Simplified the manuscript.

14July 2, 20227

We added a little detail and a single reference.

15July 14, 20228

The section titled "The Main Insight" was quite difficult to understand so we explain that section further.

16July 15, 20228

Last version of the author without the final revision of the referees.

17July 16, 20228

Fixed theorem reference of published article of Sole and Planat.

Keyphrases: Chebyshev function, Dedekind function, prime numbers, Riemann hypothesis, Riemann zeta function

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