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Design and Research of the AuxiliaryToilet Equipment

EasyChair Preprint no. 8329

5 pagesDate: June 20, 2022


       In order to help the elderly with mobility difficulties and lower limb disabilities, a kind of auxiliary toilet device was designed.  Stand stand process analysis based on the human body, and process experiment thighs and horizontal Angle and time, the relationship between design of mechanical structure with varying degrees of freedom movement way for the user the leg power, through the armpit limit freedom body, support structure based on cascade PID control method design seats automatic adjustment function to sit up more in line with the body's natural process of stand posture.  Combined with the mechanical and control aspects of the design of the prototype, the design of the device to solve the mobility of inconvenient people to go to the toilet problem, for the design of such devices put forward an effective solution.

Keyphrases: Auxiliary toilet equipment, cascade PID, mechanical structure

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