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Transdisciplinary Framework for Micro and Small Enterprises in Gentrified Environments

EasyChair Preprint no. 4449

4 pagesDate: October 21, 2020


With the passage of time and globalization processes, complex problems such as gentrification are increasingly present in a growing group of neighborhoods or specific areas. This blurs their borders intervening not only in the displacement of residents, but also in micro and small businesses. Therefore, in order to address and propose feasible modifications that solve the survival needs of MSMEs through their market share in a dizzying environment such as gentrification, it is necessary to raise the necessary margins to guide the results of research work towards plausible and achievable conclusions.

This work proposes the margins and relevant transdisciplinary theories that can delimit a research work on the real behavior of the micro and small enterprises in the vortex of an overwhelming and changing environment with problems of relative recent identification such as gentrification, linked to idyllic models proposed for its operation.

Keyphrases: economy, gentrification, paradigms, systems, transdisciplinarity

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