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Automatic Trash with Internet of Things Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 8748

5 pagesDate: August 30, 2022


Automatic trash with Internet of Things technology are intended to reduce environmental pollution from the increasing amount of waste. By the author have developed an automated trash bin that can compress and can display moisture and smoke content on the Blynk application, as well as through programmable alerts in LINE Notification. When there is a capacity, regulation and smoke set by the operation of the trash bin, it will receive the amount of waste smoke from the module and display it via the LCD screen and show the management program. Throughout the notification through the program. By compressing the waste, using the motor axis, controlled by by the microcontroller and Arduino board, using a developed program that controls the operation and connects the device with a  NodeMCU, sends the values to the cleaning program and alerts them through the program. Automatic trash test results by compressed garbage. Monitors the amount of waste, temperature, humidity, gas, smoke on the LCD screen and on the blinked application, as well as the alarm via the LINE application. The tests were performed100 times with an average accuracy of  98.5 %

Keyphrases: Arduino, Automatic Trash, Internet of Thing, NodeMCU, notification system, sensor module

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