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BIM Methodology Implementation in the State of Minas Gerais Roads and Buildings Agency

EasyChair Preprint no. 8292

11 pagesDate: June 18, 2022


BIM or Building Information Modeling is a process for creating and managing information on a construction project across the project lifecycle. The generate model draws on information assembled collaboratively and updated at key stages of a project.

In Brazil, the increase in costs and terms in public works contracts is common, resulting in numerous competitive disadvantages for the country. It is known that the causes of this increase is due to the weakness in planning and the difficulty in monitoring and controlling projects and works.

BIM became a matter of State, by the Federal Government through Decree No. 9337/2018 and in Minas Gerais through Decree No. 48146/2021.

The implementation of BIM in public works will enable the management of multidisciplinary information in real time by unifying and interconnecting all construction processes in a coordinated and transparent manner.

The LaBIM was implemented, with the support of CODEMGE, and internal diagnoses were carried out, mapping the level of BIM maturity in the institution, formation of a Study Group, for the internal acculturation and dissemination of BIM.

DER/MG participates in the THEMATIC CHAMBER OF THE BIM COSUD STRATEGY, and through partnerships, benchmarking and participation in Seminars, has been expanding its knowledge in BIM. Recently, the laser scanning and modeling of a bridge involving 10,000 m² was carried on, laser scanning of 6 regional hospitals was contracted, with a cadastral survey of around 150,000 m² and the Pilot Notice of the Hemonúcleo de São João del Rey.

The next steps will be the experiences of the pilots aimed at the development of the regulatory framework, the BIM Library, the specification for bidding in BIM and the publication of the first notice that contemplates the BIM concept.

Keyphrases: BIM, LaBIM-DER-MG, Public Works, tecnology, transparency

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