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A Culture of Quality in Higher Education

EasyChair Preprint no. 3675

7 pagesDate: June 24, 2020


 In Ecuador, the discussion on the quality of higher education has come to the fore in the last fifteen years due to the implementation of university accreditation processes. In this framework, universities try to obtain the best results and thus achieve institutional accreditation; however, in the intervening times efforts are dissipated or forgotten. The responsibility for good management is fundamentally in the hands of the authorities; however, the participation of the entire educational community is also necessary to promote what is called "quality culture". One way to do this is to validate a system of indicators that serve as a reference for ongoing work. Therefore, a set of indicators organized in various dimensions is proposed as a valid, living, and dynamic proposal that demands the participation of all sectors involved while providing them with feedback in order to strengthen the culture of quality in universities. This research work is developed using the interpretative methodology (hermeneutics) that starts from a theoretical review to create a set of indicators that were validated through discussion groups under the principles of the qualitative approach. Our results present aspects to be considered within a system of quality management in Higher Education, in order to create an environment of quality culture

Keyphrases: indicators, quality culture, quality of higher education, quality system

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