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Constructive Alignment in the Teaching-Learning Process: Suggestions on How to Face It Responsibly.

EasyChair Preprint no. 6714

10 pagesDate: September 28, 2021


The bad results achieved in the acquisition of knowledge, in the development of skills and above all, in the result of 
the exams, are in most of the cases considered as the students´ fault, because no matter how much they are taught, 
by using the most innovative and interesting strategies (in the teachers´ opinion), they definitely do not learn. Is that 
really the case? It is true that the expected results in the teaching-learning process are not always attained, but is it 
exclusively the students´ fault what they do wrong or what they fail to do?  How much is their fault for their failure?  
How responsible are teachers for it? How well are the components of the process chosen and aligned? Despite what 
is  planned  in  educational  institutions  as  preparation  from  the  methodological  point  of  view,  it  is  untrue  that  all 
teachers follow adequately the didactic, pedagogical and methodological procedures that would guarantee a deep 
learning  and  not  a  superficial  or  strategic  one  on  the  part  of  the  students.  The  article  aims  at  highlighting  what 
constructive alignment is and what it is for; making emphasis on what learning approaches are and the types that 
exist; how these approaches should be encouraged or eradicated, as the case may be, in the daily pedagogical work 
as well as how to manage them in teaching terms for achieving good results, as expected in the evaluation process. 
The methods Historical-logical, Analytical-Synthetic and Documentary Analysis were used to prepare the paper.    
Keywords: Constructive-Alignment; Learning approaches; Evaluative process; Procedures, Teaching-learning process

Keyphrases: constructive alignment, Evaluative process, learning approaches, procedures, teaching-learning process

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