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Digital Transformation in Organizations - Adoption of Ar Technologies from the Perspective of Companies

EasyChair Preprint no. 5368

7 pagesDate: April 24, 2021


As today's, modern society is in constant technological progress, it is almost impossible to imagine a successful company that does not go through, or that has not gone through the process of digitalization of its business. Digital transformation in business is the incorporation of digital technologies in certain areas of the company's business. One of the most popular digital technologies, accompanied by incredible consumer favor, is augmented reality technology.

Augmented reality technology provides the ability to enhance the environment, by adding digital and virtual elements to the real world, throughout the user experience. This technology connects a real, physical environment with virtual objects projected over mobile devices. This improves the consumer experience and provides an amazing user experience. 

The intention to adopt and accept augmented reality technology in a company does not depend exclusively on the characteristics of the given technology, but it is necessary to consider the broader context in terms of organizational, managerial, financial and environmental factors. Accordingly, the starting point is the Model TOE - Technology, Organization, Environment, which simultaneously analyzes both technological competencies and organizational aspects, considering the commitment of managers, specific knowledge, skills and abilities of managers and financial capabilities of the company. Examining this model will determine the relationship between different factors of adoption and the intention to accept augmented reality technology, thus initiating the need to define future strategic directions for creating value through augmented reality technology.

The conclusions presented in this paper are crucial for the acceptance and adoption of augmented reality technology in companies. Also, this paper represents an excellent theoretical basis for future research in this field.

Keyphrases: digitalizacija, Proširena realnost, TOE model

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