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Relations between Transdisciplinarity and Organology

EasyChair Preprint no. 2652

18 pagesDate: February 13, 2020


This work is organized based on what was achieved in a research project related to the epistemological and methodological guidelines of Morin's complex thought in Social Sciences. There, Organology was considered the new research organization. Here, the categories achieved in that research are taken to apply them as a framework, which will build the future achievements of the epistemological and methodological guidelines of transdisciplinary thought in Social Sciences, in order to relate Organology to transdisciplinarity, and add to this new paradigm in research the contributions of transdisciplinarity. The methodology is qualitative, documentary analysis and content analysis, mainly from the work of Nicolescu.

Keyphrases: Organology, research, transdisciplinarity

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